April 23-24, 2023 | Grand Hyatt Nashville, TN


Emily Hutcheson-Brown

Emily Hutcheson-Brown

COO | V's Barbershop

With more than 20 years of relevant work experience and 30 years of small business experience, Emily Hutcheson-Brown currently serves as chief operating office at V's Barbershop, a national barbershop chain.  Her passion for small business and enterpreneurship fueled her career path and led her into the role she plays with V's today.  As COO, Hutcheson-Brown is responsible for overseeing all franchise operations and franchise operations and franchisee support efforts, supporting new and exisitng franchisees, as well as assisting founder and CEO Jim Valenzuela.  She coordinates new store buildouts, as well as training each new franchise owner on retail procedures and day-to-day business and grand opening ventures.  Additionally, Hutcheson-Brown manages V's overall marketing program.  Breaking through the barbershop traditions of a forever-accepted, racially segregated service industry, Hutcheson-Brown joins the panel with a unique perspective on how V's has practiced diversification, inclusion and the ability to serve all hair types.  She will discuss and share how V's has been able to provide services and serve all within the the walls of this national barbershop franchise.

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