Breakout Workshops

April 24
11:20 AM - 11:50 AM

Heather Bagby
Summit Salon Business Center

Melissa Dick
Millennium Systems International

Amy Carter
Empowering You Consulting and the B-School for INDUSTRY

Attend any one of the following 3 breakout workshops: 

The New World of Consumer Behavior in 2023

Room: Grand Hall
Speaker: Heather Bagby

As consumer expectations continue to expand, learn how to consistently communicate a growth mindset and implement a plan that will drive above average results to your bottom line today, tomorrow and beyond.

How to Measure and Grow Your KPIs for Business Success

Room: Interchange
Speaker: Melissa Dick

Learn how to quantify your data and the different actions you should take to increase the KPI performance of your salon or spa. You’ll come away with examples of KPIs worth measuring and how to keep track of them to make improvements over time.

In This Class We Will Cover:

  • Examples of KPIs your salon or spa can measure
  • How to set realistic company goals
  • Tips and recommendations on how to increase KPI performance
  • Using data to achieve business success

Money Making Machine

Room: Lookout
Speaker: Amy Carter

Do you dream of a successful salon, cashing the paycheck you deserve and seeing a clear path to profits every month? This class will make that dream a reality as we dispel myths about salon and spa ownership and set the wheels in motion on your money-making machine. Salon and spa owners who are ready to earn the paycheck they deserve should not miss this session. We will:

  • Create your roadmap to profits and a paycheck you deserve
  • Simple secrets to creating a resilient business and team
  • Learn how to maximize your guest visits
  • Regain freedom and make more money


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