How to Make Philanthropy a Business-Builder

April 24
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Kim Becker
Hello Gorgeous! of HOPE, Inc.

Those who serve in the professional beauty industry have the biggest hearts, and they are all about serving others. But Kim Becker, co-founder of Hello Gorgeous! believes there is a way that salons can serve others while promoting themselves and impacting their bottom line. In her 30 years as a hairdresser, not once did a media outlet reach out to say, “I heard you are doing an awesome haircut and highlight today, and we want to do a story on you.” But she can’t count the number of times that her salon or those in her program have received media coverage because of the work they do with Hello Gorgeous!

In this session about giving back to your community, the following will be covered:

  • How to stand out in the crowded salon world
  • How to find a non-profit that aligns with the mission of your salon
  • How coming together to serve others can improve the culture in your salon environment
  • How making a social impact positively impacts the bottom line of your business

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