Evaluating Your Business through Data versus Emotion

April 23
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Alexandra Yanez
Life Time Fitness

Robbin Julien
Life Time Fitness

With more than 130+ locations, Lifetime Fitness is one of the largest full-service salon and spa operators in North America. We function as owners and consultants in order to help local leadership drive a consistent experience while growing and scaling their salon and spa business. Over time, we have identified a roadmap for growing and building a team.

In our session, we will share:

  • Post pandemic KPIs and reporting we use to objectively identify the state of each location
  • Success factors we use to coach, grow and scale
  • A roadmap for success in growing and building a team, with a few real-life examples and results
  • How we have used all of this to help (external) owners and operators value their business with facts and feelings


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