Panel: Your Business’s Vital Signs for Financial Health

May 15
4:00 PM - 4:40 PM

Michael Yost

Sarah McGee Mariman
Thirty Hair

Marian Sang
Omagi SalonSpa

Michell Bartlein
Savoye Salon Spa

We ALL want to live healthier lives. That same desire for health applies to your business. The question is: what are the business vital signs that you need to be aware of to build financial health? Simply put financial health creates opportunity. Financial health is outcome of great systems, actions and overall performance. 

Join us as we talk with a panel of business owners that work hard at creating a financially healthy company and culture. They will share key tools and data benchmarks that you can apply directly to your business. You will hear about the systems that create the backbone of financial health and the critical tools every business owner needs to be using. 

Financial health is created by making educated decisions. Guidelines for hiring, business expenses and payroll decisions are just a few of those critical decisions. This panel will be discussing all of that and more. Don’t forget that financial health is also a culture. The collective behavior of a team makes up its culture. Are the overall actions and behaviors of your team leading to healthy outcomes? Hear about the culture created by these panelists and start the transformation of your company!

Key Vital Signs that will be part of this conversation, include Productivity Rate, Average Dollar Per Hour, Cost Per Hour, Visits Per Year and Client Retention.