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KPI Session: Productivity - Smarter, Not Harder: Navigating the New Realities of the Modern Workplace

May 15
2:10 PM - 2:40 PM

Ready or not, the workforce as we know it is changing. Challenged by the pandemic to rethink their personal and professional lives, salon industry professionals are taking control of their destiny and reimagining what the employer-employee relationship should look like. Salon owners are left with two choices: hold onto the past or embrace the present. Shanalie Wijesinghe, director of education at Boulevard, will explain why the new dynamics of the modern workplace demand a different approach, one focused on working smarter, not harder. Drawing on both industry data and real-life experiences, Wijesinghe will outline why salon owners should:

  • Focus on expanding services and boosting average ticket price rather than obsessing over hours works
  • Not be afraid to raise rates and talk about money with staff and clients
  • Let go of legacy workplace constructs such as rigid hours and inflexible schedules
  • Collaborate with workers to create a healthier, more flexible, and more profitable workplace – for all  
  • Stop assuming change is always bad and the status quo always worth protecting 

Wijesinghe will lay out a productive path forward for owners and stylists alike as together they navigate the new realities of the modern workplace by working smarter, not harder.