Breakout Workshops

May 16
3:40 PM - 4:10 PM

Attend any one of the following 3 breakout workshops: 

Targeting Growth Through Performance Metrics

Room: Mainstage
Speaker: Lisa Starr
Growing sales is always a business goal, but you can’t do it alone. Strategic planning will help you focus not just on top-line revenue but also other impactful metrics. Supporting your growth blueprint with available technology tools will help your business expand both smarter and faster.

Bridging the Gap Between Beauty and Medicine by Driving Clients with Medical Hair Loss into the Salon

Room: Bredesen
Speakers: Harry D. Wood IV, Kati Giles, Lauren Fennel-Cutter
Unfortunately, there is no shortage of people diagnosed with cancer. Medical professionals are looking for a resource for their patients who are suffering from hair loss and can help them look and feel like themselves again. Back to You’s Harry D. Wood IV, Kati Giles and Lauren Fennel-Cutter will show you how to provide this service in your salon and grow your client base, while being philanthropic and profitable.