The Changing Nature of Client Count and What the Numbers Tell us Now

May 16
3:10 PM - 3:40 PM

John Palmieri
Salon 124 Group

Jen LeBlanc
Salon Rootz Inc. and Endz Salon Studios

Research shows that client count and client retention are among the top challenges for salon owners and managers today. Salon 124 Group’s John Palmieri and Salon Rootz’s Jen LeBlanc will dive deep into what client count truly means, how it has changed in our industry and how they measure it and why. They will discuss what the “right” amount of time is between visits, what social and economic challenges have occurred to force us to rethink how we measure, and what benchmarks do we need to be hitting to increase profitability. Salons that are content with sitting on the sidelines are easily replaced. Salons that offer a unique and innovative salon experience giving their guests a reason to feel personally connected cannot be easily replaced, even if price difference become significant.