Succession: Creating a Future for Your Business

May 16
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

April L. McDaniel, CPA, CRSP
Kopsa Otte CPA's & Advisors

Chris Knudsen
Mane Attraction Salon, Phoenix, Arizona

Rebecca Ezolt
L&L Salon Group in Douglassville, Pennsylvania

Karen Gordon
Karen Gordon Hair Loss Solutions

Amy Daniel-Moser and J. Gordon Designs

Rudy Moser and J. Gordon Designs

You’ve nurtured your business for years, even decades, and your fondest dream is that it continues to thrive long after you’ve stepped away. How can you groom someone from your team to become an owner? How do you value the business? How do you structure a contract that is fair to both parties. Owners from both side of the equation talk about their personal experiences regarding transfer of ownership.