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The Surprising Science of Selling More

September 12
12:15 PM - 12:45 PM || -

Kati Whitledge
Owner of Be Inspired Salon and Founder of Meet Your Stylist, Inc, and Beyond the Technique

Salon owners grow their revenue by getting more clients, getting clients to come in more frequently, and encouraging clients to spend more money with each visit.  Salons nationwide average a 3% profit margin.  No matter how you've adapted to the newest, trendiest social media platforms, and not matter how beautiful you've made your salon interior and website, most owners aren't moving the money needle.  The good news-there is a way to increase your client count, average spend, retention and profitability by using behavioral science to your advantage.  Learn how major companies are using neuromarketing strategies to reach new customers and hit higher revenue goals.  You'll see how simple changed to your digital marketing plan will have a massive impact on you bottom line!