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A Futuristic Look at KPIs—Clubhouse Style

September 12
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM || -

Rowena Yeager
Studio Wish Salon

Jen LeBlanc
Salon Rootz Inc. and Endz Salon Studios

From a deskless concept to online retailing, Salon Leaders Rowena Yeager and Jen LeBlanc take a futuristic look at the traditional DDSS KPIs, including SGP (service guests purchasing), average ticket, productivity, client count and client retention. In a lively, Clubhouse-style session, they’ll call audience members to the microphone to share pioneering best practices.

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SALON TODAY's Stacey Soble, Director of Brand Content Strategy
Rowena Yeager Studio Wish Salon
Jen LeBlanc Salon Rootz Inc. and Endz Salon Studios