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Metric Presentation: Productivity—Managing Per Square Footage

October 05
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Jyl and Jason Craven
Jyl Craven Hair Design

With the limitations on capacity and rules about social distancing, never has it been more important to understand how to make money through every square foot of space in the salon. Jyl and Jason Craven of Jyl Craven Hair Design will show you how they drive productivity in their salon, sharing not only how Jyl continues to drive her numbers higher as a service provider, but how they inspire their team to follow suit. They’ll also talk about how the salon is bringing in the same sales figures as this time last year, despite the fact that their clients counts are lower and social distancing mandates restrict how many people can be in the salon at once.

Owner’s Forum: Recruiting Top Talent And Retaining Them (Session 1 of 3)

October 05 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)

Jen Baudier
Bella Style Salon

Laura Ortmann
Ginger Bay Salon and Spa, St. Louis, MO

Chris Sulimay
Salon 124, Atlanta, GA

Stefanie Jackson
Canvas Salon + Skin Bar, Columbus, OH

With the number of cosmetology schools and graduates on the decline while salon suites are offering stylists attractive packages, recruiting and retaining talent is one of the biggest challenges for today’s salon owners. Today’s successful recruiters are leveraging out-of-the-box strategies and tapping into new technology to reach today’s beauty prospects. In this session moderated by Stefanie Jackson of Canvas Salon + Skin Bar, Ginger Bay’s Laura Ortmann shares how she’s reaching cosmetology students through Instagram and making recruitment a part of managerial accountability; Chris Sulimay discusses the podcast and video series that makes Salon 124 a magnet for new recruits; and Bella Style Salon’s Jen Baudier details the clubs, celebrations and retreats that drive staff retention.

Reinvent…The Client Experience in Your Salon with Salon Emotion (Session 2 of 3)

October 05 | 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM (ET)

Heather Bagby
Summit Salon Business Center

The salon environment is changing and so are your clients’ expectations. The time is now to transform your client experience in the salon. Summit Salon Business Center’s Heather Bagby will lead you through the 7 Steps of the client journey and develop your action plan to enhance every step along the way for success with the Salon Emotion program. Presented by L’Oreal Professionnel Products and Kerastase.