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Charity Hudnall

Charity Hudnall

Vice President of Marketing | Vagaro

Charity Hudnall is the Vice President of Marketing at Vagaro, one of the leading business management software systems for companies and entrepreneurs in the beauty, wellness, and fitness industries. She believes in reaching audiences authentically and creatively, bringing a personal touch to every outreach effort.

Because of her professional passion for helping small business owners in these industries achieve their dreams, she’s led her team in a direction that actively seeks out opportunities for new or improved features within the platform; whether it’s by directly listening to customer feedback or astutely identifying untapped areas of potential.

Charity’s personal passion is developing youth and empowering women to be successful with their careers and personal life goals. She has also held various positions with nonprofit organizations such as, Women Executives Achieving Change Today (WEACT), Girl Scouts, Youth Achieving Destiny (YAD), and more.

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