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Stefanie Fox

Stefanie Fox

Founder | Talent Match

Stefanie Fox is a researcher and keynote speaker on salon recruitment and leadership.  She is a 3-times business founder and the Global VP of Education for Phorest Salon Software.  in 2020, Stefanie had a successful exit and sale from the first business she founded, Canvas Salon and Skin Bar, a 6-times SALON TODAY 200 honoree, honored for its work culture and customer satisfaction.  Stefanie owns Talent Match, a recruitment and team-building agency that specializes in the beauty industry workforce.  Her work is rooted in research, where she surveys today's talent to understand what they want from their careers so she can help salon leaders better recruit the right talent for their business.  She is also the founder of Matchable and emeriging salon technology launching 2022 that makes getting salons and stylists connected easier!

Session Archive

How to Give Yourself a Recruitment Self-Audit

September 13, 2021
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM (ET)

Tapping into the minds of the next wave of beauty industry talent through her 2021 State of the Industry Hiring Guide.... More Info

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