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Jen LeBlanc

Jen LeBlanc

Operations Officer | Salon Rootz Inc. and Endz Salon Studios

Jen LeBlanc is the operations manager and director of marketing for Salon Rootz and Endz Salon Studios.  Located in the same shopping plaza, Salon Rootz is a traditional commission-based salon business while Endz Salon Studios offers studios to stylists who strive for independence.  LeBlanc works daily to create a compreshensive verbal, visual and emotional expression across non-traditional,interactive and in-person experiences across both brands. 

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A Futuristic Look at KPIs—Clubhouse Style

September 12, 2021
9:30 AM - 10:15 AM (CT)

From a deskless concept to online retailing, Salon Leaders Rowena Yeager and Jen LeBlanc take a futuristic look at the traditional DDSS KPIs... More Info

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