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Rowena Yeager

Rowena Yeager

Owner | Studio Wish Salon

Rowena Yeager is the creator and master coach at Studio Wish Salon in Twinsburg, Ohio, and the co-founder of The LeaderShift Circle on Clubhouse.  "I get a rise out of setting others up for success, it truly fills my soul each and every day." The LeaderShift Circle is a coming together of like minds. It's about seeking to understand before seeking to be understood and leading with a mindset dialed into growth, integrity and grace.  Join shapeshifing with like-minded future thinking leaders that use their voices to lead by example. 

Session Archive

A Futuristic Look at KPIs—Clubhouse Style

September 12, 2021
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM (ET)

From a deskless concept to online retailing, Salon Leaders Rowena Yeager and Jen LeBlanc take a futuristic look at the traditional DDSS KPIs... More Info

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